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My name is julia. I'm married to the most wonderful man and we have three children: a boy, a girl and another baby boy. I love being a mother, a wife and a creative person. I knit socks and crochet dolls. I make books, cards and work on mixed media projects - mainly canvas and when the mood strikes me, I art journal and sometimes I sew.

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"Bohemian Oasis 2.0" - 1


I finished this "Bohemian Oasis" blanket almost exactly three years ago. The pattern is by Drops and you can find it here. It's made up of individual squares which look complex but are really quite simple. The yarn I used for this is Drops Delight which is a sock weight yarn. (I bought here because they offer fairly reasonable shipping to Austria but I'm sure you can find it in other places too.) 
You could totally use any kind of yarn you have plenty of - it can also be a great stash buster project.

The above blanket turned out lovely and while I thought I had made it for myself I really only started making it at all because I saw it and I wanted to try the pattern. To be honest: it was too purple for me. I like purple, but not too much of it. After it spent a while in my closet - neatly folded and wrapped in a paper bag, waiting for nothing in particular - I decided to give it to my aunt for her 50th birthday. The colours are exactly what she likes: lots of purple and berry tones with some contrast as well. She was thrilled to bits with it!


Maybe you can guess what's in this nice, bright pink, possibly squishy parcel...?


You guessed right!

16 50g balls of Drops Delight in four different colourways... 


I went with greens, browns and neutrals this time (since my first thought of making a blanket in oranges, browns and honey tones went out the window when I couldn't find any affordable yarn like this that had plenty of these colours without too many others mixed in). The top row is colourway no. 08, the second row is no. 16, the third row is no. 18 and the bottom row is no. 02. 

I'm sooo looking forward to seeing how these will look as squares. I love the different shades of green, brown, grey and sand and the little bit of blue, teal and purple in 16 and 18 will make a beautiful contrast but they won't overpower the earthy and neutral colours. And just like with the first one I made: the squares will all blend together and there won't really be any knowing which one came from which colourway. 

The pattern says you only need eight balls of the Delight and some 200g of a solid colour for joining, but the original pattern makes the blanket seven squares wide and eleven squares long. I tried that layout on my first one and it didn't work for me. I ended up making it 9x12 which creates a nice size snuggle blanket for the sofa but I think I want to go even bigger with this one. As far as I remember I can get ten or maybe even eleven squares out of one 50g ball of yarn. I should end up with at least 160 squares which could turn into a 10x16 blanket which would be nice and big and wonderful for cozing under... 

I can't wait! 

I already started work on a no. 8 ball and so far I'm very pleased with how the squares turn out. 



Lots of love! xxx



P.S.: This is not a sponsored post. 

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