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My name is julia. I'm married to the most wonderful man and we have three children: a boy, a girl and another baby boy. I love being a mother, a wife and a creative person. I knit socks and crochet dolls. I make books, cards and work on mixed media projects - mainly canvas and when the mood strikes me, I art journal and sometimes I sew.

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Opal box December 2021, March 2022 and May 2022

Opal abo 2021.12.

I'm terribly late in posting this again. I'm not even going to bother explaining why; because I can't. 

There was some excitement over this box because it was supposed to have arrived by Christmas but it hadn't and then the delivery service wrote to ask if it had arrived yet, which was quite odd. It turned out they had misplaced it. We reported this to Opal. The people there were wonderful about it! They investigated as well and when it turned out that the delivery service had indeed lost the box they sent us another one free of charge. 

It arrived towards the end of January but it did arrive and I was very happy about it.

Opal abo 2021.12. 01

Aren't these colours wonderful!

Opal abo 2021.12. 02

I'm pretty sure that at least these two are the same design in different colourways. I'm not sure about the other ones. 

Opal abo 2021.12. 03
Opal abo 2021.12. 03

Now that I'm looking at them again I think the green-yellow one and the dark green-purple-red one might be the same design as well but I will only know when I've turned them both into socks. 

The pink-white creates spirals and I'm very much looking forward to knitting the rainbow! 

Opal abo 2021.12. 05

The hand dyed Christmas skein is in lovely shades of red, orange and yellow. 

Opal abo 2022.03.

This is the March 2022 box. I had totally forgotten to take pictures of it and only realised now as I wanted to sort through my files and finally write the post. I dashed out to the deck just as the first raindrops started to come down; but I managed to get all the photos before it started pouring. 

Opal abo 2022.03. 01

There are three sets of two in this one I think: 

Opal abo 2022.03. 02

I have to say I really like the blue one on the left! It makes me think of sandy beaches and the sea. I'm very much looking forward to knitting these - I think the pattern might be similar to the Fresh & Juicy and the Sweet & Spicy collections Opal had a few years ago. 

Opal abo 2022.03. 03

I don't know what to think of these if I'm honest. I'm not a huge fan of speckly yarns that don't create a pattern and look like the dye has just been splattered on. Maybe I'll start something to see what it looks like and if I don't warm up to it I can always keep them to make some super thick slipper socks in crazy colours. 

Opal abo 2022.03. 04

I'm pretty sure these are the same design but sometimes it's hard to tell. In any case I love the green one! 

Opal abo 2022.05.

This is the May 2022 box. I had totally forgotten that it was due which made it an extra special surprise.

Opal abo 2022.05. 01

There are lots of bright, summery colours in this one. 

Opal abo 2022.05. 02

The blue in the left one is actually more purplish than blue which makes the whole combination rather suitable for Halloween. The right one makes me feel of balmy summer evenings and fruity popsicles. 

Opal abo 2022.05. 03

I'm fairly sure these are the same design. Can you see it? The electric blue on the left stands for the magenta in the right; the orange for the yellow; the dark grey for the dark blue; the light grey morphes into a black speckled dark grey on the left and the turquoise goes from light to dark with red speckles in the right. 
But I could be wrong.

Opal abo 2022.05. 04

The right one looks like ice cream but I'm not sure how the bright blue and yellow fit in with the rest. The left one reminds me of watermelon. Not in an I'm-imitating-the-exact-look-of-a-watermelon kind of way but more in an I'm-inspired-by-the-colours-of-a-watermelon-plus-what-else-looks-nice kind of way. I'm interested to see how these knit up. (I might remove the bright blue and yellow though.)

I've made quite a few new pairs of socks during the last few months, mostly for my husband and son and a few to give to other relatives. Sometimes the addiction still strikes and then all I want to do is knit, knit, knit and have ten arms to do five pairs at once. In general the frantic knitting has eased up a bit and I can do other things in between, which is nice. The obsessive-compulsive component (which was pretty bad a few years ago) is giving way to quiet enjoyment and the ability to take my time and let an unfinished pair just sit for a while. I still have to watch out for my hands though and give them rest. 


If you don't know what the above pictures are about, I've explained about the Opal subscription box in this post and you can find all the posts I've written about my boxes so far in the according category
As always I'd like to mention that this is not a sponsored post - I don't get payed or receive free products for writing this.


Lots of love! xxx

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