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My name is julia. I'm married to the most wonderful man and we have three children: a boy, a girl and another baby boy. I love being a mother, a wife and a creative person. I knit socks and crochet dolls. I make books, cards and work on mixed media projects - mainly canvas and when the mood strikes me, I art journal and sometimes I sew.

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Opal box May 2021

Opal abo 05.21

This is the lovely and colourful content of the May subscription box by Opal. (I've explained in detail what these boxes are and how they work in this post and I've posted about the March box here. I always make sure to tell you in my sock posts if a yarn is from a subscription box - just so no one has to go on a wild goose chase for an unidentifiable ball of yarn...)

Opal abo 05.21 01

I'm 98% sure that these two have the same pattern design in different colourways (which might mean that they will be available as part of an Opal collection next year). I had a hard time with my camera today and the colours aren't represented quite as they are in real life but it's very close. They are both very happy and bright and cheerful - just right for late spring/early summer flowers.

Opal abo 05.21 02

The obligatory shades of blue and grey for "men socks" - haha! To be honest: I'm not the biggest fan of blue but I really like the right one. The different shades of blue are broken up by stretches of popping, zesty green and I'm curious to see how it will knit up. 
Don't get me wrong - I like blue but for some reason it's the colour I'm least drawn to. I love blues that lean towards lilac, like evergreen flowers, and I love it in combination with brown. There is something very comforting in brown-blue, maybe it makes me think of the sea and drift wood... Turquoise-/teal-ish blues paired with egg-yolke yellow, orange and fiery reds is amazing too. But navy or royal blue (the shade most uniforms have) I don't care for, same goes for powdery pastel baby blues. 

Opal abo 05.21 03

Speaking of pastel baby blue: here we have one - haha! But it's mixed with stripes in a cream colour and white with silvery sage-green (the picture doesn't show this colour very well) and sky blue speckles. Maybe I'll combine it with a matching solid and make a toddler sweater with it. 
I love the red-yellow-orange one and I can't wait to see how it will knit up. It looks like it might be narrow stripes but I could be wrong... I'll keep you posted!

I currently have a lot of socks on the (slow) go. I've been distracted from sock-making a little by life and other things; but that's okay. But I have quite a long list of friends and relatives I want to make socks for. There's now particular rush with that though since I'm a great believer in random gift-giving, meaning that I love gifting things not just on birthdays or for Christmas but whenever there is something worth giving... 


Lots of love to you all and I hope you enjoy whatever it is you're doing! xxx


This is not a sponsored post - my Opal subscription is a lovely and generous gift from my wonderful husband and I don't get paid or free products for writing about it. 

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